About Treat's Solutions

Treatís Solutions LLC is a family owned and operated facility supply and management company. In 1979, Treatís Solutions was founded as a small, local company headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma. Over the years, through acquisition and expansion, Treatís Solutions is now positioned as a regional company with locations in Ada, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Clean FloorAs customer needs have evolved, so has Treatís Solutions. In todayís environment, customers are being asked to do more with less, and produce better outcomes without spending more money. Buildings are open longer and used for more diverse purposes. Supervisor roles have expanded, while compliance issues have become more demanding. For customers (both current and prospective), the old ways of keeping facilities clean are no longer adequate. As a result, Treatís Solutions has dedicated time, energy and resources in solving these challenges in a cost effective manner.

Treatís Solutions seeks to create partnerships with the customerís goals in mind. By providing custom solutions, Treatís Solutions can meet any facility need. Treatís Solutions goal is to provide our customers the most effective and cost efficient solution, creating a safe and healthy environment for employees, students, patients, residents, and visitors of our customers' facilities. Treatís Solutions looks forward to assisting you with your facility, maintenance and janitorial needs.