KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac System

KaiVac® OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac System

Item # ODFV

  • A simple, fast approach to cleaner, safer floors. Its extreme cleaning capabilities enable hygienic results in even the heaviest soil and grease conditions.
  • Tank: 10 gal.; CFM: 90 cfm for AC motor
  • Tank Cleanout: 100% via dump/drain hose
  • Motor lift: 92" for AC motor
Manufacturers Item #ODVF

In fact, like most Kaivac systems, it's up to 60 times better at removing soil and contaminants than mopping. Just apply fresh cleaning solution to the floor, spread and lightly brush into grout lines, and then completely vacuum away all soils and liquid, leaving floors really clean and bone dry. It's perfect for daily cleaning and degreasing commercial floors. It's also great for applying and removing stripper on finished floors. The process is radically better, faster and safer than cleaning with a mop.

Features & Highlights

  • One-piece aluminum vacuum wand
  • Speed spreader
  • Space-saving push handle
  • 10 gallon vacuum recovery tank
  • Variable flow spigot dispenses fresh solution
  • Sight Tube
  • No-drip storage tray
  • 10 gallon fresh solution tank
  • Crush-proof, grease-resistant vacuum hose
  • Easy flush dump hose
  • One tool lets you brush, vacuum and clean grout
  • Leaves floors clean and dry, which means reduced slip and fall accidents and immediate availability.
  • Powerful vacuum combined with top quality squeegee head thoroughly removes soils and contaminants.
  • Cleaning solution always stays fresh because recovered liquie is vacuumed into a separate tank.
  • Reduces cleaning times and chemical costs while producing better results.
  • Optimized for high-grease environments, like food service and industrial facilities.
  • Reduce or eliminate periodic contract services, like deep clean and restroom hygiene services, hazmat clean-up from toilet spills, sidewalk/concrete cleaning, and more.
  • Can quickly switch between corded and battery operation.
  • Dispense fresh solution through throttle spigot on the rear of the trolley-bucket.
  • Rapidly spread solution across floor with the Ergo Speed Spreader.
  • Vacuum soils and water away leaving surfaces clean and dry.
  • Vacuum under fixtures, shelves and seating with the versatile vac wand.